Politics, Puppets and Protesting (2)

russian puppetI feel deeply dissatisfied with my last blog post, and feel like I clearly left out a few details. Why am I protesting?  What about the Lorax?  What about Trump?

Talking about Trump would take more than a whole blog post.   Funnier people than me have called him a fool better and more often than I ever could.  In fact I think my son does a much better job doing that voice, somehow getting his tone a little higher than I could.  If you really want to know what I think of this President then the one thing I think you should know that I was one hundred percent against him from the day he pretended to forget who David Duke was.

‘Why are you protesting’ is a question I wish journalists would stop asking me while I am actively protesting.  To answer that question I have to explain everything about who I am and what I do.  I feel like I have to explain that no, I am not a classroom teacher, and yes that I spend time in schools.  I would have to explain that yes the children I work with often have less opportunities than my own son would have, and the only difference  that they have is skin color and the community they were born in.  This is not an easy thing to talk about while protesting.  What the reporter should really be asking is “what are you protesting?”  In that case the answer is easy:  I am protesting against Trump, and I tell a few jokes in that funny voice,  mostly about race, crime, the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse.  Thatis why he wants to build the wall, of course.

The Puppet show The Lorax was not a protest, it was a performance.  However,  if you performed this show in public for free in a town that was heavy into the luber industry, then you would probably think it was a protest, wouldn’t you?  This is exactly what the creator of this puppet show did, and I always thought that this was awesome.  It just goes to show that there are different ways to protest.

Protesting does have a dark side, as I see it, and that is this whole f- the police shut it down attitude.  That kind of protest may produce eyeballs for the media, but it doesn’t change peoples minds, or make people question their world view.  It doesn’t even start a conversation.  I wish I could say I looked forward to talking to people about this more, but I would rather make a change of venue and find a more favorable audience.  If you want to yell f- the police I’ll go someplace else in town and talk with people who walk down the street with their families.  You can bet when they get home their kids will ask them about what they saw, especially because it was a puppet. Maybe it is too naive of me, but I do believe that some moderates and even moderate conservatives are actually human and will try to be honest with their kids and explain things as best they can.



One thought on “Politics, Puppets and Protesting (2)

  1. Hi Paul, I agree, it’s a little nerve wracking talking to the press, but your fabulous puppets are going to draw a lot of attention and they will give you wonderful opportunities to comment and give you a LOT of press attention for your activism and your business.. I learned at a forum on talking to the press that if they ask you a question that doesn’t seem appropriate, you respond with “A lot of people are asking that question, but the better question is this….” and then you pivot into your own talking points. Then if they say something you disagree with, “Many people think that, but ‘here’s the thing,’ my experience has been…” (and you tell a personal story. I look forward to crossing paths with you again on a less bitterly cold, blustery day than yesterday at the Federal courthouse. #Resist

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