Shadow Puppets now in Technicolor

Although typical shadow puppets don’t always have color, these puppets look very good in full color.  Markers or colored pencils are ideal, and depending on what choices you make, one puppet can turn out many different and creative ways.

In appearance shadow puppets resemble silhouettes, and are fairly easy to make.  Cereal box shadow puppets work surprisingly well, and cardstock is rather cheap especially if you can make two puppets with one sheet.  This kind of puppet makes a fairly easy project for children 1st grade and above, and you will find it appealing even for high school students because you can scale up the difficulty by adding more pieces to cut out and assemble.

There are a great deal of shadow puppets designs to choose from.  Some of my designs include lions, ballerinas, dragons, ninjas, pigs, and many more.  I have also made designs for super heroes  and comic book characters such as Batman and the Mandalorian, and, or even real-life super heroes such as Simone Biles or Serena Williams.


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